Cowgirl Sex Position

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Cow girl Sex Position

One of the most enjoyable sex positions in the book is having sex with a cowgirl. It has great benefits especially if you are a woman who wants to take the lead in the bedroom. Cowgirl poses or women’s poses are great if you like to mix things up in bed and give your partner easy access to the clitoris. If done correctly, it can make you and your partner happy.

A situation that requires deliberate movement rather than evolution from non-penetrative gameplay, Cowgirl is a Escort Karachi¬†sexual one that is definitely worth a moment to switch into. Positioning the receiver frontally in a perfect control position to suit different body sizes and fitness levels; you can move straight up and down or bend forward and “slide” back and forth to really stimulate the G-spot.

This doesn’t mean your partner needs to lie down – they can help raise your hips if you need extra support, or even use their heart to get you up and down if they’re strong enough! If you’re feeling a little weird, it also puts you in a perfect position to take some sexy slapping on the buttocks.

With the great view your partner gets during this show, not to mention that you might be using your hands on other sensitive parts of his anatomy, you might worry that your trip could end too quickly. Adding a ring for couples like TOR 2 can do the same thing, as well as provide the receiver with some powerful vibrations to bring them to a clitoral orgasm.

When performing a cowgirl sex position, you may bend forward slightly above your partner, allowing the clitoris to rub against the pelvis. Instead of jumping up and down, your hips will rock back and forth in a gliding manner.

When you’re in a cowgirl mode, you’re in control of making simultaneous orgasm easier. You can jump up and down on your man’s penis to have more fun. The moment you really flip the cowgirl, he’ll see your partner from behind while you take it all in. Make sure you don’t bend or break your penis. This position is ideal for direct clitoral stimulation.

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